Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak, also known as Sri Pada (sacred footstep) and Samanala Kanda (butterfly mountain), is a conical mountain standing at 2,243 meters tall (7,359 feet) in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Trekking up the mountain is extremely popular with both tourists and locals, who are allured by its mystery as well as the enchanting beauty they are rewarded with at the top.

The history of the Sri Pada Mountain (Adam s Peak) goes up to King Vijayab (1055 to 1110) he started the pilgrims to Sri Pada Mountain, hence many customs gathered into this amazing journey. Not even that there are many ancient ruins found in this place. Also declared as one of National Park in Sri Lanka with the highest biodiversity. December to April is the perfect time to enjoy the superb surroundings. Also, there are pure water streams to really enjoy the cool climate in Adam’s Peak.  Sri Pada Mountain can be spotted many butterflies and that is truly amazing and breathtaking. Nevertheless, it is known as a perfect place for watching birds as well. Trekking to this mountain brings whole new experience for the visitors with unforgettable and enthusiastic experience.

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