Horton Plains

Horton Plains National Park is a national park in the highlands of Sri Lanka. Known as “Maha Eliya” in ancient times, it lies about 20 kilometres south of Nuwara Eliya and 20 kilometres west of Haputale, 2000 meters above sea level among the second and third tallest mountains in Sri Lanka – Kirigalpotta and Thotapola. The average temperature in this area is about 16 C. With high winds in the evening it can be quite chilly. The park covers 31.60 km², and is a mixture of highland forest and wet grassland. This is the only National Park in Sri Lanka where visitors are allowed to walk on their own on the designated tracks.

In the Southern edge of the plains locates world famous world’s end.  There is over 900m escarpment in here and the surroundings are truly amazing. The walk here is 4km, but the trail then loops back to Baker s Falls (2km) and continues back to the entrance (another 3.5km). The plains are also of outstanding scenic beauty and conservation importance, containing most of the habitats and endemic plants and animals representatives of the country s wet and montane zones.

Spending time in here truly amazing and unforgettable because of there many breathtaking views. Sitting on this tremendous area by observing natural habitat makes more tremendous and amazing experience ever can be gained. Also never forget to visit this amazing place.

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